Pulled Pork Recipe

Pregame Plan: Preheat smoker to 325 degrees F. You can trim the fat cap or leave it on. I typically leave a thin layer of the fat cap on and place that side down on the smoker rack. I recommend smoking pork products with apple wood for the best flavor profile.

Step 1: Apply a binder (I always use spicy brown or stadium mustard) but you can use olive oil, melted butter, yellow mustard). Then apply a dry rub. In this video I use our Ohio Pork Rub - One 6oz package of our Ohio Pork Rub is the perfect amount for one pork butt!

Step 2: Place the pork butt directly on the smoker rack and cook under indirect heat. Every hour, spritz with apple juice or apple cider. Monitor internal temperature - we are looking for 200 degrees F internal temperature minimum - This will ensure that the fat renders and the pork will pull easily.

Step 3: Once you have reached the internal temperature of 200-205 degrees, remove and let rest for 30 minutes.

Step 4: The bone, if cooked to the appropriate tenderness for pulled pork, will pull right out of the meat and the pork will pull with little effort.

Step 5: Pull the pork and add in your favorite BBQ sauce. Serve and enjoy!

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