Smoke and Reverse Seared Porterhouse Steaks

Pregame Plan: Preheat your smoker to 250 degrees F. I’m smoking these with oak wood chips today You can use other types too fir different flavors. Here are some other options.

We will be seasoning, cooking and reverse searing porterhouse and t-bone steaks in this video. This method can be used for other cuts of beef as well.

Step 1: Make sure steaks are thawed. Mix in a bowl salt, black pepper and garlic powder equal parts. Lay your steaks on a baking sheet and brush with extra virgin olive oil. Then sprinkle on the SPG mix on both side of the steaks.

Step 2: Cook in the smoker at 250 degrees F for approximately 1 hour – As always, cooking time depends on temperature – Cook to temp, not to time. Check temperature after the first 30 minutes

**Internal temperatures for steaks in degrees F:

Rare 120-125

Medium Rare 130-135

Medium. 140-145

Medium Well 150-155

Well 160

Cooking steaks in the smoker slowly is well worth the time. The tenderness that it produces in the meat is amazing and they will melt in your mouth.

Step 3: Once your steaks have reached the desired temperature, you will remove from the smoker and sear them. I’m going to do this on my Blackstone Griddle, but you can also do it in a cast iron pan. (**A word of caution, if you do sear inside the house it will create a ton of smoke and will likely set your smoke alarms off)

Step 4: You want to have your griddle or cast iron pan preheated to around 450 degrees F. I recommend using grape seed oil for searing because it has a much higher burn temperature than traditional vegetable and olive oils.

Step 5: To sear, let your grape seed oil preheated for a minute or so and then place the steaks directly on the cast iron. Cook for 30-40 seconds on one side and then flip and cook for the same on the other side. While the steak is on the cast iron you want to press the meat down evenly in the pan on onto the griddle to effect the searing process.

Step 6: Remove from the cast iron and let rest for a couple minutes before serving. Enjoy!

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