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Beef Recipes

Smoked English Chuck Roast & Vegetables

Pregame Plan: Cook at 225 degrees F. Use oak, hickory, or mesquite wood.


Step 1: Put the roast directly on the rack in the smoker. Chuck roast takes approximately 1 hr per pound to cook– Spray with beef stock every hour to add moisture to the meat to keep it from drying out.


Step 2: Once your internal temperature hits the stall period (typically around 165 degrees) place roast in a foil pan with equal parts beef stock and water. Cut up carrots, onions, celery and potatoes and place them in the pan with the roast. Cover with foil and place back in the smoker.


Step 3: Cook until you reach and internal temperature of 200-203 degrees. Remove the pan from the smoker and cover with a towel and let rest for approximately 30 minutes

Step 4: Uncover and pull the beef in the pan with the vegetables. If you're going to make a gravy with the remaining broth in the pan, remove the roast and vegetables and place in a separate dish.

Step 5: To make a gravy from the broth:

  • You will need:

    • 4 tablespoons of butter

    • 4 tablespoons of flour

    • 2-3 cups of the broth from the pan

  • Step 1: Melt the butter in a sauce pan

  • Step 2: Once melted, add the 4 tablespoons of flour and stir continuously into a paste – it is very important to not stop stirring until you have a nice thickened paste

  • Step 3: Slowly pour in the broth about ½ cup at a time while continuously stirring

  • Step 4: Once the gravy is the consistency you want it, add in about ¼ cup of milk and mix in to make the gravy creamy.




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